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How We Can Help

Have you recently brought a new puppy home and don't know where to start? Would you like your dog to be more polite during greetings? When walking your dog, do you ask yourself, "who's walking who?" These are just a few of the services Meadow & Mates can help you with. Check below for a more extensive list of what we offer. 


Meadow & Mates offers services 25 miles from our home base in Dearborn Heights, MI.


Are you out of State? Check out our virtual training option. 

Private Training


Let us come to you! Private lessons are a great option to set your family up for success in your home. Together, we will develop a personalized plan for you and your dog to help reach your training goals. 

Virtual Training

Working from home? Why not train from home? Virtual training is becoming a very popular option for some pet owners due to the everlasting pandemic. It's also a great option for dogs that are fearful of new people! All virtual lessons will take place via Zoom.  

Day Training

Let us do the heavy lifting! Day training is for those that have a pretty hectic schedule. We can help you build a solid foundation with basic obedience and minor behavior issues while you are away from home or working from home. 

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